The Mission of Girl Hackathon is to create a positive environment for girls to use technology, which will seed a lifelong interest in the field. 

The Girl Hackathon is a two hour program that empowers upper elementary/middle school girls to experience the creativity and excitement that occurs when the power of coding is unleashed. Designed to teach the basic concepts of coding through Hopscotch, a creative coding platform for iPad and iPhone, the Girl Hackathon pairs mentors with teams of two girls to provide a hands-on experience into the world of coding, ultimately sparking a lifelong interest in the possibilities of technology.


About Us

The Girl Hackathon was created by a group of women in technology.  Understanding the opportunities that are opened when technology is embraced, our goal is to create an event that will empower girls to think of  technology as an experience that is creative, fun and exciting. 

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Check out this montage from our first event in 2016